Inspiring Video

11 12 2011

I wanted to share this video. Partly because I wanted to include an embedded video on my website but also because I like its message.


Gif Animation

10 12 2011

The gif expose

This little exercise is to show off my mad biking skills and aptitude at making animated gifs.

Ok the gif thing is actually pretty easy. There are loads of free programs on the interweb for turning a series of pictures into an animated gif.
This particular biking section is not really that hard either…

But it all looks cool when you piece it together!

Locations in BC where I’ve lived

18 11 2011

View Places I’ve Lived in BC in a larger map. A little experiment with creating personalized Google Maps.


28 10 2011

Welcome to my webpage. It is a work in progress as these things usually are…and as the world of GIS is ever-changing and expanding. This webpage is here to inform about my start in GIS and my interests. Since people tend to associate so much with where they are from I have also decided to add a BC theme. This is because I have had the fortune of living and exploring many parts of British Columbia (although there are still so many more to see!), and I think it is one of the best places on earth! This is also appropriate in the fact that GIS is grounded in spatial location and so my spatial location is BC and for the moment the lovely town of Castlegar where I am taking the Advanced Diploma in GIS at Selkirk College (ADGIS).

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